Mr. Yong is small business owner with limited staff resource and no receptionist. His office has two Tel lines with 6 extensions.


- Require automatic call distribution for 3 departments:

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Finance

- For support department, he needs to have the call answered anyway (even if no one in office or during weekends)
- Need door access control with access card and connected to the PBX 
- Need cost saving solution
- A Fax solution that he could use anywhere from internet


The whole requirement with even more features delivered to Mr. Yong with below configuration.

- One unit of  IP-PBX: ZYCOO CooVox-U20-A202 with GSM Module
- 5 units of IP-Phone: ZYCOO CooFone-D30 
- One unit of Door Intercom: AMROAD DP101R


How it works?

The ZYCOO CooVox-U20-A202 comes with two FXO ports that cover the needs for the office telephone connections. With 1GSM module, U20 equipped with one Mobile SIM Cards which provide and extra communication ports for office.

5 units of IP-Phone used for staff and one of the staff used a free VoIP mobile application on his smart phone to make and receive his calls.

Door equipped with one AMROAD DP101R SIP Intercom with integrated RFID module, all staff can access using their RFID Card and visitors ring the bell. Using a Ring Group setting, few of staffs phone ring if someone at door and able to answer, talk and open the door using their phone. If no one at office to open the door, the system will forward the door ring to the staff mobile and they can talk to the visitor and even open the door right from their mobile phone (if they wish so).

How Smart is system?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

IVR is a great tool to reduce the process of connecting a callee to the right person. Using IVR and Time condition settings of ZYCOO U20, each call routed to the specific extensions. For the support team, a QUEUE used to route the call to the few extensions and if the extensions where busy or unavailable, it will route the call to support team mobile, this way they never miss any call.

Cost Saving via intelligent call routing

The company subscribed to a corporate mobile service which provides free calls between staff however the office staffs are not using this service. They get another SIM card from same provider and insert into the ZYCOO U20. Now all office staffs are able call off-site staff free of charge from their desktop extensions and vice versa.

Furthermore a SIP trunk from a local service provider helped the company to make outgoing calls at better rate.

Fax on the fly

Using Email to Fax and Fax to Email the staffs are able to receive faxes by email and print them if really require a hardcopy. They can also send outgoing fax even when outside office using any Email platform.



- An affordable solution
- Fully comply with requirements
- IVR with a professional voice recording built an exceptional reputation for their business
- Cost saving was better than customer expectation
- The door intercom offers great advantages and they never missed a visitor/delivery 
- Using PBX’s CDR the management monitors the staff performance and call statistics
- Environment friendly fax solution with less paper consumption.


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